Purple Honeycomb Theme Chooser 1.0

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THIS IS FOR HDPI DEVICES ONLY!! If you get an error "improperly compiled" please try uninstalling the app and reinstalling. If it still doesn't work please send me an email. If we can't get it to work for your phone I will issue a refund even if its been more than 15 minutes.

Please read all instructions!

This is a theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine included in CyanogenMod7 (CM7) ROM. Certain things can't be themed with Theme Chooser (lock screen and certain system dialog menus).

Theme is basically a purple theme based off of android 3.0 (honeycomb). There's a lot of purple in this theme (different shades). Includes transparent notification drop down bar with purple honeycomb bee, gray buttons and popup menu items, purple progress bars, purple market, purple facebook, custom purple system and notification icons, ect.

So far themed: browser, facebook, market, contacts, mms, email, gmail, framework including systemUI, google quick search, phone, launcherpro, settings, XDA, ROM manager, Added custom system and launcher pro menu icons. Updated 4G icons. Updated Google search widget. Themed XDA app. New custom SMS and emoticon icons. Fixed 3G status icons. Added a lot of custom app icons: camera, camcorder, ROM manager, XDA free and premium, market, browser, google quick search, calculator, contacts, facebook, email, FM radio, gmail, google search, music, messaging, phone and videos. Most talk emoticons themed. Enabled honeycomb clock widget. Added custom icons for the following apps: theme chooser, superuser, talk, spare parts, dsp manager, deskclock, carhome, calendar, terminal, books, 3D gallery, app planet, voice search, youtube, torch, maps, latitude and settings. Themed fancy widget pro and free version. Dialer keypad themed. Added custom system status icons. Themed fancy widget icon. Customized android spinner. Added wallpaper support with 9 wallpapers (download "Theme Chooser Wallpaper" free in the market by UpwardSpiral to enable). Press menu from your homescreen and select wallpapers. Then select "Honeycomb Purple".

1. Go into your apps and select "Theme Chooser".
2. Select "Dreads_Honeycomb Purple".
3. It will say "Theme error. Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size.", ignore this and select "Apply anyway" assets aren't missing and it will work just fine.
4. Reboot phone to make sure everything takes correctly!

Instructions for notification power widget:
1. Press "menu".
2. Select "Settings".
3. Select "CyanogenMod settings".
4. Select "Interface".
5. Select "Notification power widget".
6. Select "Indicator color".
7. Change the color to match the theme.

Some themed icons included. A lot more themed icons and widgets coming.

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Theme contains over 2000 images and 9 wallpapers hence the 9+MB download.

If you have any issues please send me an email including your phone model and the issue, thanks.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 23:30:02
File size:10MB
OS:Android 2.3 and up